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What is a Certified Wealth Strategist®

A Certified Wealth Strategist® is committed to helping you create and execute a comprehensive wealth strategy. The premise of a Certified Wealth Strategiest® is to be the centering point for their client relationships. The CWS® practitioner breaks away from the competition by showing distinction in knowledge, ability, and connectivity to the consumer.

A Certified Wealth Strategist®:

  • Understands the key wealth issues high net-worth clients face
  • Has the competence to identify issues and assume the lead role in analysis with other professionals as needed
  • Places these issues in the context of a wealth management strategy
  • Acts as an advice partner, relying on a disciplined process to help achieve client goals
  • Provides ideas, suggestions, and alternatives for addressing your specific issues

A Certified Wealth Strategist® strives to help clients with:

  1. Investment Planning Issues
  2. Risk Management & Insurance Planning Issues
  3. Banking & Credit Management Issues
  4. Retirement Planning Issues
  5. Executive Compensation Issues
  6. Business Succession Planning Issues
  7. Protection Strategies: Planning for Incapacity
  8. Protection Strategies: Titling & Beneficiary Designation
  9. Protection Strategies: Executor & Trustee Selection
  10. Education & Family Support Issues
  11. Charitable Giving Issues
  12. Distribution of Estate Issues
  13. Tax Planning Issues

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